“The Idol” by Pierfrancesco Poccianti


Limited edition giclée canvas print

  • Run of 10 prints
  • Every print is numbered by hand from 1 to 10.
  • 20″x 24″ unframed on fine art canvas
  • Artwork ships unframed in an art tube, with a certificate of authenticity

About Pierfrancesco:

Pierfrancesco Poccianti is a 25 years old artist based in Florence, Italy. He loves drawing and painting with every kind of technique and every kind of subject.

He believes that drawing is building up a new world, and he could never live without doing it. He loves it, but he also need it. He can’t even imagine his life without colors and canvas, and that’s why he continues to explore his own art and his power to create.

Because art is creation, and creation is art.
About “the Idol”:
This piece was inspired by a picture of the famous Italian singer Achille Lauro. As the artist saw it, he understood that it’s concept would perfectly match his art style. So he reimagined it, transformed it in a more “mesmerizing” alternative sci-fi figure. And, thanks to the magic of watercolors, the result completely satisfied him.

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