“Walsh Tarlton” by Mae Crocker


Limited edition giclée canvas print

  • Run of 10 prints
  • Every print is numbered by hand from 1 to 10.
  • 17″x 24″ unframed on fine art canvas
  • Artwork ships unframed in an art tube, with a certificate of authenticity


About Mae:

“Thedocia Autumn Mae is the owner and operator of local artisan company Sovereign
Frequencies, an interdisciplinary and multidimensional artisan company focusing on glass,
metal, fine, photographic, craft, and urban art. Most of her images seek to create a dialogue
regarding our evolution and place in society through iconography and psychogeographic
ethnographies. Her art is intended to be more than just a three letter word. The images are
created as a psychogeographic representation of her surroundings, as seen through a Nikon
D3300 and recreated in pastel and paint; a visual ethnography in fine art form. Her images
seek to initiate a dialog with the viewer through the use of traditional and nontraditional


About this artwork:

“Walsh tarlton” is a psychogeographic representation of old Barton Hill; once a huge tree to convene around and under,  now covered by stop lights, concrete and Barton Creek Mall.


Follow her Instagram @autumn_in_mae and check her website www.sovereignfrequencies.com

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